We Are Om Real Estate: A Pioneer in Digital Advertising

We are a team of expert advertisers who are equipped with every diversified skill in advertising industry for assuring you a hundred percent conversion rate for the project that you are on the verge of selling. Our marketing strategies are completely unbeatable because we know the tricks which can bring you close to a hundred percent sales conversion rate. Frankly speaking, we don’t believe in promoting ourselves for fetching your attention, because we don’t think we need to spend any additional expenses for promoting ourselves. It’s our work dedication and commitment that our clients have received from us levitates our brand value and goodwill status to a hypothetical extent within our reliable client base.
Take a look into some of our client testimonials to interpret how we have served them. Whether it’s about advertising your property for sale or about using its market value for lease we mentor every such project that needs a good sales value.
“We don’t ask you to hire us because of our verbal dexterity, rather take a look into our gallery section to see some of our past records and then only you might go forward to hire our professional services”.

Property Management

The services we offer involve:
  • Rent collection
  • Presentation and preparation of periodic financial reports
  • Ensuring first-rate and quick repairs and maintenance are done
  • Reviewing rents and negotiating new leases
  • Handling payments of all operating and service costs e.g. Security, insurance, land rates & land rent etc
  • Preparation of budgets
  • Advise on the status of the property market
  • Regular and thorough inspections of premises
  • Handling maintenance and service contracts

Our "AIMS" "Objectives" & "Ethos"

Our ethos is to provide the best property service on the market, with integrity and honesty for our customers and company.

Our objectives is to utilize local trusted expertise who have the knowledge of local culture and the property market to provide our customers with the best property service in order to gain a market share in our host country.

Our aims are to provide value for money for our local property buyers who would wish to purchase property from the emerging property markets. We shall achieve this by providing them with the best property from the emerging markets, and become the best providers of properties from around the World.